Drawing with Procreate for Writers

Are you sick of settling for stock photos that barely relate to your writing? There's a better way.

Visuals make ideas sticky. In a noisy world, they are an invaluable way to help your writing stand out from the crowd. While there are lots of drawing courses already out there, but this will be the first drawing course focused on writers.

We're ​Salman and Nate, and we've built a self-paced online course on how to use Procreate to draw compelling visuals that support your written articles.

In this course, we'll share our simple framework for drawing: DICE (Dream, Improvise, Commit and Enhance) which you can use to streamline your drawing process.

For more info about the course, check out this video:


This course also includes detailed exercises, end-to-end demos and hands-on walkthroughs of our own drawing process. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at two different artists' process for turning ideas into drawings.

Using these lessons and demos as a guide, you'll complete your own drawing for one of your ideas, and develop a foundational process for drawing many more.

We spent months editing the course to keep the lessons short and sweet, so you can get the info you need and start drawing right away.

In the two weeks since launching the course, over 50 students have already signed up and started drawing.


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January 4th 2023


When you enroll, you'll get immediate access to a community of aspiring artists to share your work with and get feedback.

You'll also receive a free email accountability course to help you maintain your momentum.

Ready to start drawing?


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