Drawing for Writers using Procreate

Writers! Are you sick of settling for stock photos that barely relate to your writing? There's a better way.

We're ​Salman and Nate, and we're building a self-paced online course on how to use Procreate to draw compelling visuals that support your newsletter and blog articles.

We'll share techniques on how to choose the right drawing for each piece of writing, how to develop a unique style, and how to use Procreate to add flourish to your visuals.

Visuals make ideas sticky. In a noisy world, they are an invaluable way to help your writing stand out from the crowd. While there are lots of drawing courses already out there, but this will be the first drawing course focused on writers.

This course is almost ready, but you can get a head start and watch the first video in the course:

By the end of this course, you'll learn techniques to draw compelling visuals to elevate your writing, and have a published drawing under your belt. We're excited to see what you'll draw.

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